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The SAP BPC platform has transformed clients in many ways, delivering a broad range of benefits.

New Planning and Forecasting capabilities to keep the business on track

The organization wanted to be able to explore a variety of “what if” scenarios, over any timeframe, using data that is updated periodically.

To establish a step-by-step- workflow, many of the drivers are designed so that each forecast item can be increased or decreased independently as needed. It easy to follow, and we can also see where in the process everyone is.

Easy access to consolidate data

The transition to BPC has been simple for end users. Basically, everything is done in Excel, which is a program everyone knew how to use. Reports are easy for managers to view and to access.

Reducing the time taken to resolve budget variances

Managers are required to complete monthly variance reports, which in the past had been a cumbersome undertaking. Clients were spending more time analyzing what had happened than figuring out where they were going.

Step- by-step business process flow now leads users through the variance process so each critical step is completed in sequence before the user moves on.

Many clients previous system didn’t give users a way to see what they budgeted versus where they are now. Thus they had to jump back and forth between different systems to compare data. But now, though, everything they need is sitting right in front of them. It is estimated that the time it takes to report on variances has been cut in half.

Simplifying how labor costs are budgeted, tracked and allocated

The utility industry tends to be a people-intensive business. Team members often support dozens of projects throughout the year, and their time must be budgeted and allocated accordingly.

With SAP BPC, the utility now can easily capture that complex information and allocate it appropriately. Managers can see actual and budgeted labor hours and can drill down to explore the underlying details.

The system also makes it easy for them to manage salary variations.

You can log in and enter a merit raise or market increase once, and the system takes care of the rest. This feature alone saves hours and is a big lifesaver for our larger departments with lots of employees.”

Managers can easily produce reports on their own including where time is charged, hours, salary, overtime, pension, benefit costs and more

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